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Haute Baby

Haute Baby

When it comes to kids' high fashion, Haute Baby is an iconoclast. This designer brand has revolutionized the way parents dress their little ones, with baby gowns, layettes, rompers and formal dresses that are huge on posh pizzazz. Haute Baby clothes for girls up to age 6 cover the gamut of seasons, occasions and moods to guarantee a glamorous getup wherever she goes. Haute Baby releases multiple collections per year and Adorables always has the latest and hottest Haute Baby pieces in stock for Haute Baby fans.

Overflowing with the cutest special occasion outfits, holiday dresses, take-me-home sets, cute play wear and cuddly rompers, Adorables' selection of Haute Baby clothing includes exactly what you're looking for. The brand first went viral when it unveiled game-changing infant take-me-home outfits that were cuter and more unique than anything seen before. Today, Haute Baby makes the same adorable take-home outfits plus toddler gowns and little girl gowns that are runway-ready and picture-perfect. We always guide our customers to Haute Baby when searching for high-end baby shower gifts.

Every item of Haute Baby clothing is designed for unfettered playtime despite formality. We have the ultra popular Haute Baby infant tunics and baby leggings that are sought after by moms the world over to ensure comfortable, cute playtime all day. Fashion-forward little girls' skirt sets, diaper covers, baby bubbles and matching headbands populate this collection of wonderful, whimsical little girls' clothing. Pieces are manufactured with high-quality, comfortable fabrics that make them tough enough for serious romping and running.

As your source for all things baby couture, Adorables continuously updates our selection of Haute Baby clothing based on new collections and available styles. You'll always get free shipping on orders over $75 plus other great deals and discounts when you shop exclusively at Adorables for all your designer baby clothing needs.