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Mim-Pi Designer Girls Fashions-

Mim-Pi Brand Boutique Clothing for Children

Mim-Pi is a Dutch children’s clothing company with dresses and separates for growing girls that are handcrafted in The Netherlands with sustainable, natural fabrics. Bright colors and unique styles create a fun look on casual or dressy days. Mim-Pi is the word for “dreaming” in Balinese, which is how the founder became inspired to create a boutique apparel line with whimsy and imagination for today’s adventuresome little girls. Mim-Pi’s designers turn to colors, fabrics and art from around the world for inspiration. We have collected the best of Mim-Pi little girl designer fashions for our famous-maker boutique children’s clothing collections at Adorables Children.

After learning about fabrics and design from her travels, Leonora Nieuwhuizen began her fashion design career with a focus on women’s fashions, but what she really wanted to do was design and sell clothing for children. “The bulk of girls’ fashions out there were mini versions of what adults wear,” says Leonora. “Kids already grow up so fast. I want young girls to be able to wear funky, fun and whimsical clothes that they love.” The patterns she creates today are big and bold or eclectic and fun.

Your purchase is also for a good cause. Mim-Pi is a member of Made-By, an organization that supports good working conditions for employees in every country. According to Leonora, if a children’s outfit is priced very low, that can only mean that factory workers somewhere are not being paid very well to roll poorly made clothing off of machines. Mim-Pi’s reliance on handmade clothing from sustainable materials at fair rates of pay not only is good for workers, she says. It also means her workers and fabric suppliers have been with her for more than a dozen years. That’s good business to Leonora. Find your favorite handcrafted European girls’ fashion from Mim-Pi for sizes 4 to 10.

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