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Monkeybar Buddies

Monkeybar Buddies

Founded by a creative mom who wanted her daughter to be able to run, play and climb freely during recess, Monkeybar Buddies offers high-quality girls' under shorts and play wear for unfettered hanging, tumbling, climbing and dancing. Each piece of Monkeybar Buddies clothing is made from high-quality, ultra comfortable materials that allow her to play all day without complaints. Adorables offers Monkeybar Buddies shorts for toddlers and girls up to size 12.

Best-selling Monkeybar Buddies shorts are the choice solution for picky parents who want to dress their little darlings in dresses without restricting playtime. Monkeybar Buddies shorts can be worn under dresses and skirts or by themselves for limitless cartwheeling, tree-climbing and hanging upside-down. Monkeybar Buddies shorts are uniquely designed to stay in put all day long, with no bunching, bulkiness or sticking. They're also slim and lightweight for bulk-free wear beneath her favorite dresses and skirts or overtop her dance leotard.

Monkeybar Buddies shorts, leggings, capris and pants are the choice little girls' active wear for parents who want to encourage high-energy activity. Playful, unique and fun patterns - like animal print, polka dots, neon and glitter - make perfect girls' cheer or dance shorts. They're also made with sensible, fast-drying materials so they can be comfortably worn through the slip-and-slide or sprinklers. The Monkeybar Buddies signature side bows make these girls' and toddlers' shorts effortlessly adorable.

Monkeybar Buddies clothes are made of a special heavyweight blend of spandex and nylon to adapt to her every move. They're super stretchy and designed to stay in great shape for wash after wash. Adorables is constantly expanding our selection of Monkeybar Buddies clothes to help you find the perfect active wear for kids. Check back to find already-affordable Monkeybar Buddies shorts on sale and get other exclusive discounts from your favorite designer kids' boutique.